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My wife and I run a 20-hive apiary (still expanding) comprised of Lazutin style hives and Hybrid Layens hives in a remote area called the Amarugia Highlands. We started doing bees as a hobby and have grown into a small family business in 2021. Along with beekeeping, we love to get creative in the woodshop where we offer many custom items. Our farm consists of three little helping hands (our children) and 105 secluded acres that we intend to build upon. Hidden Hollows is a first-generation family business that plans to stay small, and family-owned through our families next several generations to come. Life is what you make of it, so we decided to bring our family together and make a sweet time of it and hope for you to join us!

Our Mission

Bringing Nature Back to Natural

Hidden Hollows aims to bring nature back to its natural roots and encourage realistic, sustainable ways of keeping bees by catching those that are local. Catching local bees isn’t that hard and is an important aspect of improving their ability to survive our climates and maintain resistance against threats such as diseases and pests. Using horizontal hives is also a so-called secret weapon of ours in the way we are much less invasive on our bees.

A huge problem with the bee population isn’t disease resistance, but the dependency on treatments and the introduction of pesticides from non-organic farming. Supporting organic farming by using organic ingredients in our products, is only a fraction of what we hope to do but it’s a great start until we can make a larger impact. We hope to bring you joy and provide a product that brings true value.

In all of this, our top priority is to raise our children with an appreciation for hard work and respect for nature. Most of all we are blessed to be doing this together as a family!

  Why Our Hive Products

Made in the USA- Our hive products come from a remote location in the Amarugia Highlands of Cass County Missouri. Most honey on the market today comes from China that is frequently labeled as coming from other countries and often contains illegal antibiotics or chemicals.

No plastic- When we use foundation, we only use foundation made from bees that are from a remote mountainous region far from any potential pesticides in Spain. Using bee-built comb allows the propolis from the cells to end up in our honey while providing better protection against germs for the bee larva. Our hive products never touch plastic when we process them from the hive and are stored in stainless steel or glass.

Local Bees- We use local bees that we catch in our bee traps as they are already adapted to the weather and local diseases. Also, maintaining the local stock is of major importance for our sustainability values.

No sugar- When it comes to feeding our bees we see that the only suitable feed is the intended food source for bees….. HONEY! We understand that at times a hive needs to have more food resources but to keep it as pure as possible we never feed our bee’s sugar. The results end up being healthier, more productive bees while keeping the traces of sugar syrup out of their honey. Try finding a commercial apiary that say that, they are few and far between!

Treatment free- The bees have survived for many many years without chemicals and they still do not need them today! Our hives never receive any sort of treatment which results in a 100% unadulterated product. Most beekeepers treat their hives with chemicals in order to prevent diseases with some known to have negative effects on humans! In the process of treatments in some cases, a full chemical suit is needed when within 100 feet of the chemicals being applied. Guess where these chemicals end up…..

Don’t rob our bee’s needed food- Allowing the bees to keep what they worked so hard for is an important step that many beekeepers forget in their journey. We make every effort to leave our bees with the needed amounts and only take the true surplus honey that would eventually be neglected by the bees or consumed by other animals or insects.

Hives stay stationary- Our hives are placed permanently in our apiary, unlike commercial operations. Commercial operations are constantly moving causing stress and death to bees in the process while spreading potential diseases.

Great biodiversity in a remote location- Hidden Hollows resides in a remote location where we have planted several native pollinators (over 20 acres worth of more than 30 species on our site) and is home to a biodiversity environment that helps our bees thrive along with other important insects such as the monarch butterfly.

Humane methods- Commercial beekeeping oftentimes calls for culling, sugar feeding, using chemicals for treatments, constantly moving colonies long distances, and artificially inseminating queens. Here at Hidden Hollows, we respect the bees enough to know this is all unnatural and that bees should only need us in very, very limited situations that still can be of natural ways. Putting the bee’s health is of the utmost importance to us and while we look at innovative techniques, we avoid those that solely place production over anything else.

Raw straight from the hive- Our intention is to provide you with the purest honey we possibly can, the ways the bees made it centuries ago without us to get in their way!

Not Microfiltered or heated- The honey you receive from Hidden Hollows is not microfiltered or heated so that we can preserve those nutritious ingredients such as high pollen counts and propolis that raw honey is supposed to have.

Infused with organic ingredients- When we infuse our honey, we only use organic foods in our support for organic farming. We do all that we can to prevent pesticides from showing up in our honey which will forever be our battle.

Facts from the Hive

Health benefits of honey: natural cough remedy, helps soothe sore throats, helps digestive issues, Phytonutrient powerhouse, helps with seasonal allergies, and has antibacterial properties. Honey is a great sugar substitute just remember the darker the honey the sweeter the taste.

Benefits of bee venom: natural anti-inflammatory, helps with arthritis, immune health, and has some promising properties that reduce symptoms related to neurological diseases.

Benefits of pollen: high in antioxidants, may lower heart disease risk factors, boost liver function, aid in wound healing, and infection prevention.

Benefits of propolis: helps with curing acne, improves energy, improves fertility, helps with canker sores, helps with lowering blood pressure, kills cancer cells, and much more!

Do all swarms have queens? Yes, if she survives, traditionally the swarm leaves with the queen. Subsequent swarms leave with a virgin Queen.

How long do bees live? Drones live for 3 weeks to 3 months and die after mating the queen. Worker bees live for 6-8 weeks unless they are winter bees in which they can live up to 4-6 months. A queen can live up to 6 years.

There are 7 types of honeybee species in the world. Bees have 5 eyes, 2 compound eyes with several thousand lenses each, and 3 simple eyes with 1 lens each. The honeybee will shut off its 2 compound eyes during high-speed flights to conserve energy. The honeybee is an insect that has 3 main body parts: Head, thorax, abdomen.

To make 1 lb. of honey, the colony must travel to approximately 2 million flowers and travel over 50,000 miles! A honeybee will produce ½ a teaspoon of honey in its lifetime. 1/3 of the food we eat is pollinated by bees.

It takes about 3 hours for the hive to realize that they do not have a queen and the process of making another begins.

Queens keep up the population of the hive with the ability to lay over 2,000 eggs a day!

The honeybee is the only insect that makes food consumable by humans.

Male bees are drones, worker bees are female, and there is only 1 queen per hive. Worker bees have barbed stingers that separate from their bodies causing them to die after a sting. Queen bees can sting over and over because of a straight stinger. The drone bee does not have a stinger so they can’t sting.

Advice from the Honey Bee


Create a buzz

Sip life’s sweetest moments

Mind your own beeswax

Work together

Always find your way home

Stick close to your honey

Most importantly, bee yourself!

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Adapting insures we never are done learning. Creativity brings innovation, while innovation makes sustainability possible.


Conserving the land in which we love, brings a longer future for our lineage to come. We aim to make our contributions in the most natural way we know how, so that sustainability remains more easily achievable in its intended form.


Improvement has many measures but our aim is to go beyond just ourselves and impact a community from the environment to its people.